STICKS is an interactive artwork made in collaboration with Eddie Elliot.

To better observe the mathematical and pragmatic nature of affine geometry, I partnered with programmer Eddie Elliot. Together we produced Sticks- an interactive site that allows users to see various translations of space following the rules of parallelism that apply to affine geometry.

Synched with the user's set browser time, STICKS animates day, night and twilight hours of the 2015 spring equinox. The movement of the constellations, mapped by parallel geometry, are activated by the motion of the user's pointer in the display screen, producing erratic and spontaneous compositions of color.

Users are welcome to play with and design their own composition for a print with SticksPrints. Click HERE

An exported json file sent to the artist will be converted to a pdf file, compatible with Adobe Illustrator. User grants artist permission to print and showcase work in exhibition and website.

*custom prints are also available

Instructions for export:
Open SticksPrints in Chrome.
(json export file compatible in Chrome browser only)
Custom design a Sticks composition using the tools below the interactive abstraction. Turning off the "point O tracks mouse" option allows for optimal control.
When ready, click export button. Json file will download in computer's download folder.
Send the downloaded file to artist at with subject heading "SticksPrints by (your name)"
If requesting a copy, please state in email.